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Emissions include short fiction, performance works, photography, poetry, nonfiction, and music.

Richard Butner’s short fiction has appeared in Year’s Best Fantasy & Horror, been shortlisted for the Speculative Literature Foundation’s Fountain Award, and nominated for the Shirley Jackson Award. He runs the Sycamore Hill Writers’ Conference, a long-running invitation-only workshop for writers of science fiction, fantasy, and related work, which was started by John Kessel, Mark Van Name, and Gregory Frost. He holds an M.S. in Computer Engineering, English minor, and a B.S. in Electrical Engineering, both from North Carolina State University.

He has written for and performed with the Little Green Pig Theatrical Concern (where he was a Writer-in-Residence), Aggregate Theatre, Bare Theatre, the Nickel Shakespeare Girls, Urban Garden Performing Arts, CAM/now, and Lost Immersive. His poetry has been published by Barefoot Press and The Paper Plant.

His photography has accompanied many of his journalism pieces. Additionally, his photographs have been published in A Working Writer’s Daily Planner, North Carolina Afield, and the State Library of North Carolina’s online encyclopedia, NCpedia.

In addition to fiction, he has written articles and reviews of hardware, software and websites for technology magazines such as IBM Think Research, Wired, PC Magazine, Yahoo! Internet Life and Windows Sources. He is the author of Windows Performance Secrets with Mark Van Name and Bill Catchings, published by Que Press, a division of Macmillan USA. He has also consulted and written for various computer companies, including VeriTest, Ziff-Davis Benchmark Operation, IBM, SAS Institute, Digital City, and Deja/DejaNews. He has also been a contributor to The News & Observer, Teacher, The Independent Weekly, The North Carolina Review Of Books, Lady Churchill’s Rosebud Wristlet, Short Form, Pussycat, Triangle Alternative, and Southern Lifestyle magazines.

He played in several bands including the Angels of Epistemology, and/or, Etheroid and the Sacred Cows, and the Aqua Mules.

Richard Butner lives in North Carolina.

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