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Software I Used Frequently

Another in a continuing series of ancient pages from my website of long ago. These days, the software I use all the time includes Firefox and Chrome on Windows 7.

Just as a thought exercise, I sat down and tried to list the software I use most frequently. This list is definitely not an endorsement list. It’s a snapshot of the software I use right now (March 2001). I don’t choose all of these programs; some of them are essentially forced on me by the companies I do work for. For example, while Windows 98 is my current (buggy, oft-crashing) main desktop operating system, I’m also logged into a SunOS host for much of the day, I hack Perl scripts on GNU/Linux, and I’ve got a laptop running Windows 2000.

Program Purpose Use
NoteTab Light Multi-file text editing All the time
Notepad Basic text editing All the time
Internet Explorer 5.0 Web browsing All the time
Pine Email All the time
Tera Term/TTSSH Secure telnet All the time
Windows 98 Operating system All the time
Lotus Notes Email Daily
Lotus Organizer PIM Daily
Microsoft Money Personal finance Daily
Microsoft Word Word processing Daily
Trn News reading Daily
F-Prot Virus protection As needed
WS_FTP LE File transfers Occasionally
RioPort Audio Manager MP3 playing/organizing Occasionally
Less Text file browsing Occasionally
IrfanView Image viewing/editing Occasionally
Microsoft Excel Spreadsheet editing Occasionally
Acrobat Reader PDF viewing Occasionally
Zip/UnZip File compression Occasionally
PGP File encryption Occasionally

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