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Unfamiliar Street

As part of the #YeahYouWriteStrange event at Someday Bar, Megan Rickerson (owner of Someday Bar) and Lisa Amico Kristel (co-planner of #YeahYouWrite with Robin Martin)…

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Reading Pleasures

I was very happy to see The Adventurists mentioned in my friend Christopher Brown’s annual wrap-up of books, part of a series at Timmi Duchamp’s…

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I talked to Gary Wolfe on the Coode Street Podcast about some of my favorite things that I read this year. Part of a series…

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Virtual Memories

I talked to Gil Roth on his Virtual Memories podcast. Topics discussed include writing, stories, fiction workshops, theater, and knee pain. Give it a listen!

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The Day After

Yesterday was pub day for The Adventurists. Some of the pre-ordered books are still making their way through the postal systems, but it was good…

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Supply Chain Blues

Perhaps not surprisingly, The Adventurists is experiencing delays in the pipeline. The new publication date is 22 March 2022. More details at Small Beer Press.…

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